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>> at eleven. police swarm a san jose neighborhood when an officer is nearly run over. and a woman is shot. detailstwo - thousand rape cases in need of resolution in alameda county. now new money coming in to help bring closure. next. >> tonight two people are in custody after being injured in a police shooting in the southern part of san jose. kron four's jeff bush explains how it all started. with an investigation into a suspected car theft. this is where it happened, on the 1800 block of almaden road. police were called out to this location around 4:30 in the afternoon to investigate a stolen vehicle. when they arrived here on scene they found a man and a woman in that stolen vehicle. the woman was in the drivers seat the cuffed man was in the passenger gear and hit one of those officers with the car. in this sihe officer felt his life was in danger. he felt in fear for his life and he did what he had to do and discharged his firearm. the woman driver was shot at least one time and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the male passenger was injured as well b
. these are pictures from last weekend's buyback in san jose. today's event runs from 10:00 to 3:00 at the solano county fairgrounds. you can get $100 for a working handgun or shotgun, or $200 for an assault weapon. solano county law enforcement agencies say funds are limited and they are still accepting checks and cash donations. >>> workers are now pouring concrete on the final section of the roadway of the new bay bridge. this is happening on the eastbound deck of the so-called oakland touchdown. today's work is considered a major milestone. crews will shut down the bay bridge for the last round of construction work starting on august 28th. and the bridge is set to open to traffic right after the labor day weekend. kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. >>> workers are rebuilding this weekend, after a fire hit a world famous food destination in berkeley. cabella's waters was in tears after seeing the damage at her restaurant. >> the beams ar
will be set aside today. we will see three mayors coming together, the mayors of santa clara, san jose, and san francisco, promoting the idea of having a super bowl right here in this new same. they are promising a dynamic super bowl where you do not have to worry about electricity. they promise you will thought see a power outage like the super bowl in new orleans. the new stadium will have two new electrical substations and solar panels to provide extra energy. the new stadium is about 30 percent complete. it is set to open next year. it will cost about $1.2 billion to build. it is a finalist to host the 2016 super bowl. it is now between santa clara and south florida. this is the first super bowl here in the bay area since 1985 and 49er owner says the bid committee will present the bid at ownerss' meeting in may when the host city is chosen, so, today the mayors, the c.e.o., all will be showing off the stadium. they will give tours to the media. they will lay out the reasons why the super bowl should be held right here in santa clara. >> thank you. palo alto police have released a s
. >> reporter: alecia reed, kron 4happening right now. police in san jose are searching for a man they say stabbed a woman to death this afternoon. it happened outside an apartment complex on north first and west hedding. and streets in that are area still blocked off kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose. with the latest on the search. r >> reporter: this is still an active crime scene. let me show you some video of what we are talking about. this happened around 2:45 where a 20 year-old been stabbed a woman in a parking lot. police say that the suspect ran away into this neighborhood. and the police started a manhunt. this is what the police had to say. memo what i can tell you is that this is a very dangerous individual. he commits a pretty brutal crime in broad daylight. using a knife to stab someone multiple times and the fleas on foot. we are hoping to find him. we are going to work as long as it takes to get him. >> reporter: they say that he is still on the loose reporting live, kron 4 news. >> good evening we are looking at clear skies. if you are making your way into a room of t
. that will be at hp pavilion in downtown san jose following a motorcade from santa cruz. you can watch tomorrow's service live right here on kpix 5. >>> switching gears, the big news today we have some rain for the first time in a long time really. >> i know. we needed this, right? >> yeah, absolutely. significant storm system making its way through the bay area finally seeing that rainfall showing up out there and well, we are going to see more of it. we're not done yet. but the main cold front has moved on through a little early on. the winds were whipping and rain was coming down. we are still seeing rainfall but making its way further south. toward san jose, just to the north in milpitas, heavier rainfall sliding through there. [ no audio ] [ please stand by ] [ please stand by, no audio ] >>> the first good rain we have seen this year but what that means for your commute is all that oil and dirt is going to be coming up from below so but more on your commute let's send things over to liz in the nice warm studio. >> i know. i'm sorry, cate. we won't
. and later that day officers in san jose shot a suspect during a chase. several hours after that, police in union city killed another man with a gun. >>> the mystery surrounding a teddy bear with a purple heart medal left at a memorial has been sold. our sister station cap ptured the imagine of a man leaving the purple heart. later a deputy got a later from the man saying in part the bear reflects. love of community, the red ribbon for the bloodshed in the line of community. the purple heart for the sacrifice above and beyond all duty. the police department says it was deeply moved. a man has been arrested for stealing flowers from the memorial. police say ken maffei took the flowers, and he says he purchased the flowers but couldn't produce a receipt. >>> the public memorial service for loren butch baker and elizabeth butler will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. >>> san francisco police are trying to track down an assault rifle stolen from an unmarked police car. on saturday night someone broke into the lost vehicle on m
in san jose this morning. the pilot of the alaska airlines plane got a warning of a possible engine fire 20 minutes into the flight from san jose to idaho. the pilot declared an emergency, turned around and came ban t mineta. the passengers were unhurt and put on other flights. >>> in richmond, experts are checking out how much damage was done to a sailboat stolen and beached near pacifica yesterday. the 82-foot "darling" was he had to do richmond overnight and is in -- was towed to richmond overnight and is in dry dock. repairs could cost more than what the boat is worth. >>> a san jose woman says she woke up to a man in her bedroom then screams and chases him off. kpix 5's cate caugiran with why police say the suspect was well equipped to evade them. >>> reporter: she woke up and there he was hovering over her. the woman tells me at first she thought it was one of her daughters' boyfriends and seconds later she knew it wasn't. it appears he broke in the kitchen window. she chased him out the back door. >> this person is on parole for burglary
for high school student hit and killed by a passing train in san jose. he was killed on tuesday, near a pedestrian crossing. he posted this video on youtube of him playing the guitar. the principal says he was everyone's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing according to san francisco. it has been ruled "accident." >> michelle shock is responding to the comment fromant gay comments during a performance in san francisco saying "i do not nor have i ever said or believed that god hates homosexuals and to those fans who are disappointed by what they heard or thing i said, i'm very sorry." half of the ought conference walked out after an antigay slur during her opinionance on sunday might. she said it was a description about how some people fowl. many of her shows across the country have new been cancelled. >> man madness is in full swing with both bay area participants in action. this morning, at 11:45, st. st. mary's plays in auburn michigan after middle tennessee state was bite in ohio on tuesday night. 12th seeded cal, my pairs, get the tournament start at h
will taken the caskets from santa cruz.. to san jose.. you can watch live coverage of tomorrow's service.. right here on kpix-5. new this morning. a swat team responds to san mateo general hospital after a patient sets a small fire. k-p-i-x 5 reporter anne makovec is outside the hospital with what's happening with patient. sgt. dave norris san mateo pd 01:18:32;05: everyone acted professionally. the staff, before pd arrived, were already moving into action...taking care of things to make sure this was resolved. officers say it's not what made the patient upset. they also say they can't release information on his status, due to patient confidentiality rules. the bay lights art installation is up now and running on the western span. ((ooh! look at that!!!)) it debuted last night. this dazzling display of performance art is funded by $8- million dollars in private donations. it will go on from 6 pm to 2 am nightly until 2015. san francisco's mayor is already imagining the lights as a more permanent fixture. mayor bite: we talk about this being a two- year commitment. (butt sot
at the san jose crash, what it's doing to traffic. it's not good. also looking at the toll plaza, a big delay there. let's go to mark. >> good morning. the fog making a comeback, coastside right around the bay, not as widespread as yesterday but still a factor. a big batch of high clouds moving in and temperatures cool off into the weekend. we'll keep an eye on the fog and have an update in the 7:00 hour. >>> coming up, a jolt that may surprise you. >>> growing number of threats at local schools, one mentioned today's date. we'll be right back. >>> we're live at foothill high school in pleasanton where a threatening note is found on campus. we'll tell you what it said and how either schools are reacting to the problem. >>> an overnight jolt in the area. where a 4.6 earthquake hit just hours ago. >> reporter: we're live at st. mary's college in morago with what vatican scholars say we can expect from pope francis. >>> and carnival cruise lines, a dream that turned into a nightmare. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori
pretty chilly in the 40s out towards santa rosa and napa. downtown san francisco, 48 and san jose reporting partly cloudy skies, 52 degrees. throughout the day today, the fog gradually strips away revealing partly cloudy skies. a few high clouds into the afternoon hours for the coast. temperatures, they are mainly in the upper 50s to the 60s except santa cruz backups. we'll continue to atlanticen up the high -- up the -- we'll continue to thicken up the high clouds. they are coming down from yesterday's very warm readings. the highs are still pretty warm for mid-march. mid- to upper os concord, fairfield, antioch. san francisco, 67. still some patchy fog for the coast. near pacifica, 60 degrees this afternoon. this is your five-day forecast -- pretty much the same deal for your friday. your weekend always in view. slightly cooler by monday. no rain clouds yet. but we are tracking an increase. we'll break gun the -- break down the timing on that. >>> in the past couple of weeks, a trash can was set on fire in discuss, plumbing was damage -- san
and dave westbound. it's not bad. if you are driving in san jose, southbound 280 we have the two right lanes closed. now to bill. >>> we are looking at temperatures today. they will be warmer than yesterday. that is a good thing. we'll see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. current numbers outside low 40s. it will be a nice looking 24 hours when i get back on mornings on 2 at 7:00 we will show you the five-day forecast and the next chance for rain. >>> coming up on mornings on 2 the big story we've been telling you about is a deadly hit and run accident on a san jose freeway. >>> developing news in marin county. a rock slide causing big problems for drivers heading to the golden gate bridge. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select! this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select. it's available all month long as one of our march featured values, the newest way to enjoy subway every day! subway. eat fresh. >>> we're live in san jose where part of a major freeway is closed down. it's a fatal accident and a biohazard
that is at the center of the labor dispute. >> and special day in san jose. for police department that has been seeing trying times. new sense of optimism. >> and how neighbors are trying >> and how neighbors are trying to save íáf- >> as north korea shows off the military hard ware the united states announces that the best offense is a good defense. good evening everyone. dan is off tonight the threat engines action by north korea prompt the u.s. to beef up the missile defense city. pentagon adding 14 new missile interceptor on the west coast. martha on how real the north korean threat is. today more provocation. 2 short range missiles launched but it is the unexpectedly quick advances that north korea and the young leader kim have made in recent month. newshawk test. long range missile launches and this apparently new road mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that has convinced the pentagon that protective measures must be dr. matcly increased. >> reason we are in inconveniencing our program here homeland security is to not take any chances. is to stay ahead of the threat. >>reporter
butler in hostage negotiation training. >>> the memorial for the two officers will be held at san jose's hp pavilion next thursday march 7 at noon. the service was moved to handle what is expected to be a large crowd. >>> today more than a dozen people who can't afford health insurance are getting some much- needed care for free. doctors and nurses at kaiser permanente in san francisco are volunteering their services to perform free surgeries. about 30 patients have been selected to receive those treatments. the organization operation access is spearheaded today's effort. this is the 20th year the group has provided free surgical care. >> you talked about it at the top of the newscast. a beautiful sunrise. let's turn it over to rose mary and see what we're looking forward to today. >> a good looking day. not as warm as we have been. those days are over. yesterday was the warmest day. into the 70s yesterday. today, widespread 60s. again, we will see the filtered sunshine. high clouds overhead. already, this morning, we will continue for your afternoon, and giving you a view there, of sa
it yet. to the livermore san jose and some breaks up through the north bay. we will continue with spotty showers through the central valley. 5:00 p.m., nine in the early afternoon but the coverage will decrease. just isolated showers by 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., tomorrow. the rainfall headlines going until at least 4:00 a.m. and spotty showers all day on wednesday. the rainfall totals will be under three- quarters of 1 in. with a couple of exceptions. the santa cruz mountains could seek a bit more in the other locations. whins with 36 mph in some locations and cooler air temperatures are dropping. they will continue to be cold. 50s for the most part. some areas will be in the upper 50s, briefly. a look at your extended forecast. schuller's on thursday but notice the temperatures are going to decrease. a local snowfall level at 3,000 ft.. the snowfall in the sierras. >> coming up a homeless encampment in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> gary: the highlight of the great game. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accesso
're going to show you a ghost-like image people are talking about. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a sex offender broke into a woman's home this morning. we'll tell you what police found in his pockets. >> and we're live in lafayette high above highway 24 where traffic is starting to pick it up. we'll tell you who they are coming up as mornings on 2 continues. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. >>> it is 7:29. we are tracking overnight news in san jose where a registered sex offender has been arrested after a break in at a home. live now with more on the burglary that has an entire neighborhood on edge this morning. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors are disturbed this happened. they are applauding police's efforts how quickly they nabbed the suspect. and when they caught him they found on his
. two people are behind bars after being injured this morning in a police shooting in san jose. >> nelson mandela has been amended to the hospital once again with a lung infection. the latest on his condition coming up. >> and we're watching their whether this morning. light rain falling in some parts of the bay area. could the wet weather affect your easter weekend? >> good morning i am anny hong . >> we have erica with the weather. >> good morning anny . >> we are waking up to '40's and '50's currently. 57 in mountain view. upper '40's and hayward. visibility shows a dense fog for oakland and half moon bay. drive with caution. be mindful of the cars in front of you. >> future cast 4 tracking temperatures by 12:00 p.m. mainly in the '60s. we will see partly cloudy skies by 2:00 p.m.. we are holding on to the '60s as we head into 8:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures will drop back down into the 50s. >> a closer look at your afternoon high. plenteous '60s. like yesterday we had a slight potential for a pop of shower. it will be like in nature the shower chances will taper off into th
alive. garcia torres will be back in court at the hall of justice in san jose. and there's there's going to be a balloon release at the sierra lamar search center in morgan hill marking the one-year anniversary of her disappearance. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> in addition to the events we just mentioned, there's also a fund-raiser being health in fremont where sierra lived before moving to morgan hill. that fund-raiser will raise money to fund the ongoing search efforts. the event is tomorrow afternoon at the niles hall. >>> new at 6:00 tonight, less pink. today is normally a rough day for teachers all across the bay area. march 15th is the day they are put on notice they may not have a job next year. but thanks to prop 30 this year is very different. jodi hernandez is joining us live from richmond to tell us what the future holds for hundreds of teachers in that east bay district and many districts. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, jessica, the future has not looked this bright for teachers in a long time. it seems every year on march 15th w
of you using a the benicia bridge like porches in san jose. >> we will continue to monitor your rank. on futurecast 4:06 a.m. light showers. spotty in nature nothing to organized. thistle continue to drop the day. you need to keep your umbrellas handy around lunchtime. >> 3:00 p.m. rain in the north bay. showers will continue to wednesday evening and thursday as well due to the instability with the system. small hail, a pop up thunderstorms, and lightning along the coastline is a possibility. >> that is what is on tap for tomorrow. temperatures not bad. 49 and vallejo. 51 for san francisco. taking a look at wednesday you have heard howling drop the morning. 17 per mile an hour winds. >> 23 around the oakland hills. >> dusty conditions as she stepped outside. heading into the afternoon everyone in the mid to upper 50s. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows will continue weather as we transition into tomorrow. friday that mix of sun and cloud into the upper 50s. a gradual warm up heading into the weekend. push your clocks forward. it will fill like springtime yet again bec
. >> that is the latest word on what caused it. >> san jose's efforts to move the oakland a's the south bay may have hit a snag. kron fours drawcharles clifford explains. >> this is a google art map looking north toward settled a. the proposed stadium was it here near the train station. a couple blocks south of h p pavilion. the city transferred control of the land to the san jose development authority in order to keep the stadium project alive. chang said allegedly been giving to a successor agency which would have sold it to pay off debts or fund school and said the products. what the city it was inappropriate. >> apparently this development was not entirely unexpected by san jose city officials. they are working on ways to sell the land or transfer control it or to keep the deal with the athletics boeing 4. in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news room. >> a judge in sacramento as attentively ruled that the san francisco 49ers are entitled to $30 million in tax funds that santa clara voters approved earmarking for the team's new stadium. the ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the 49ers
the driver of a stolen car. later that day in san jose, police opened fire on a man fleeing from officers at about 3:30 in the afternoon. then in union city, police there killed the suspect at about 10:00 last night. a few hours later, in neighboring hayward, another suspect was shot and killed by police early this morning. ktvu's allie rasmus is live. >> he started out heading this direction toward us. the car drove through this island here. if you take a look at the pavement you can see some of the scrape marks where the hub cap scraped the concrete. it jumped the curve and crashed in to the post on the corner. >> reporter: a tow truck hauled an older model honda away from the crash scene. arthur packman is in jail. >> the officer responded to a threat. what could have happened differently is the driver could have complied. >> reporter: at 3:30 this morning hayward police say an officer tried to pull over packman for speeding but he didn't stop. >> we don't know why other than he didn't want to stay and talk to the officer i guess. >> reporter: police followed the honda to watkins and f
" in san jose to .8" in san to rose but still anywhere from 2.5" to 5" down. we have breezes out there that will taper through the day and our best chance of showers, now, through the next, say, hour or two, we will get a break but an isolated shower is possible and isolated shower but mostly dry at 4:00 to 7:00. >> you are talking rain and you are talking snow, and this is what it looks like in tahoe this morning, this new video just in from blue canyon in the sierra, while the rest of the bay area braces for rain they are expecting white out conditions today, so very difficult driving, bring your chains if you plan to go up and take advantage of the slopes, more than a foot of snow is expected to foot between now and the weekend, the first significant snow fall since december so fresh powder. >> happening now the capitol is very much on storm watch, up to 5" of know is expected in washington, dc today. as we learn, thousands of flights across the country are canceled. >> good morning to you, katie. we have been getting a rain and snow mix this morning. it started at midnight an
in for jessica aguirre. >> in san jose a deadly stabbing has police searching yard to yard with with their guns drawn. around 3:00 this afternoon police say a woman was stabbed to death in a parking lot of a togo sandwich shop. nbc bay ar nbc bay area joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: police officers continue to search for the man. the neighbors who are on the inside are being asked to stay inside their homes while the search goes on. we are here on the corner of hedding street and second street. police are telling us the woman was in this parking lot when a man came up to her. there was some sort of argument and then the guy started stabbing her numerous times. the man took off and hopped a fence into a neighborhood. here is video from our chopper showing police have sealed off this area. they are looking in the back yards of homes right now searching for this man. we talked to a an employee who looked out the window and saw the woman getting stabbed. >> a customer, she runs into the store and says lock the doors. so we are like why. she is like there is a guy stabbing a girl. so we g
at the togo's restaurant in downtown san jose. a student eating there heard the commotion and rushed over to help. >> so i ran over there, and it was just empty. she was laying on the ground on her face bleeding. >> a police search of the neighborhood came up empty. police are still searching for ramirez this morning. they say he and gonzales broke up two years ago and she had an active restraining order against him. police believe ramirez could be headed to mexico in a truck that looks like this one. a dark green 1996 toyota t-100. if you see that truck you are urged to call police immediately. >>> new video of a tree that fell on a house in the oakland hills. it happened around 3:30 this morning on oakwood drive, the tree estimated to be 75 foot tall crashed down on the corner of the roof. the downed tree also brought traffic on oakwood drive to a stop. firefighters say they do not know what caused that tree to fall. >>> an investigation is underway into a crash involving a scooter and a santa clara county sheriffs patrol car. the accident happened before 12:30 this morning in the area
to the lower 50s. santa rosa, currently 44. downtown san francisco, 49 and san jose reporting mostly cloudy skies and the current temperature, 50 degrees. a few hours for today, especially for this morning and cold rain expected for tomorrow. as this area of low pressure approaches. the cold front moves across the area overnight. we will have a sun/cloud mix and then cold rain for tomorrow. this is an unstable air mass. we're talking about some thunderstorms and possibly low snow levels down to 3,000 feet. here's our forecast models showing you this. and then into the afternoon hours, it drops off on the coverage quite a bit. but still a chance and then into tonight, look what happens. we have development offshore and into tomorrow morning, that will be the source of some more rain showers and a chance of a few thunderstorms. today, some clouds, breaks in the clouds, passing shower, especially for this morning. temperatures mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs. look ahead, we could be tracking some thunderstorms for your thursday. partly sunny skies on friday. with your weekend always in v
jose, about 58 in san francisco. and 58 degrees in santa rosa. more on our rainy weather coming up. right now i'll send it back to you guys. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. rain is definitely not on the wish list for one san francisco neighborhood. sinkholes are opening up all over after a big water main break in west portal and it's causing major problems for at least half a dozen homeowners. three homes have been red- tagged meaning they are uninhabiteddable. three others are yellow-tagged signifying they are dangerous but people can still go inside. experts say the ground is still so saturated with water that the foundations of those homes are giving way. the city is trying to help everyone affected. >> it's very unsettling. this happens to everyone. it's nod good. at the same time, we are doing our best to be responsive and i have had a number of homeowners say they appreciate what we're doing. nobody wants this. >> it could be months before the ground is dry enough to make the necessary repairs. the city is paying for temporary housing f
shortly after it happened at 6:45 this evening. police say san jose officers on special task force in plain clothes and driving unmarked vehicles were working a separate case when they spot add white 2 door honda that turned out to be stolen. neighbors say there was quake chase. >> we heard 3 cars come around ice cream truck really fast so we all came out of our houses. >>reporter: santa clare county sheriff's department says the driver of the stolen white honda threw it in reverse. >> suspect rammed 2 officer vehicle in reverse. accelerated forward. hit a parked car that was in the area. one of the officers at that time had already got out of the vehicle. that's when the suspect again tried to accelerate at high speed to the officer and officer opened fir fire. >> surrounded a car didn't hear anything like put your hands up or anything. just just heard 2 quick shots. pop pop. >>reporter: but police say the undercover officer fired only one shot. streaking the driver in the head and killing him. witness wondered if the suspect knew they were undercover police. >> he was cl
% called the cost of owning a home the biggest problem in san francisco. compare that to san jose where crime was ranked as the city's biggest problem. despite that concern, most are still bullish on the bay area's biggest city. ma i don't recallty tell us san jose is heading in the right -- majority tell us san jose is heading in the right direction. that brings us to oakland where 60% say they disapprove of the job the mayor is doing. 65% say oakland shedding shed -- heading in the wrong direction. >> kpix 5 reporter phil matier has more. >> reporter: take it from me, here in oakland you don't have to travel far to find out what the issues are. take a look. >> the preparation of broken car glass on streets lets you know that in oakland crime isn't just an abstract statistic, it is personal. >> an everyday occurrence >> which may explain why 7 out of 10 voters say crime is their number one concern. that's twice as high as the response in san jose and five times as high as the response in san francisco. >> we got broken into, our house. there are b
and this is double the amount that they usually offer for a crime like this. >> the family of a san jose woman, who police believe was murdered by her former board friend is speaking out. 29 year-old sandra of cruzes was allegedly stabbed to death by as juan ramirez. now the family says, that he had been stalking and threatening her for months, despite a restraining order against him. >> he stated that he would kill heart and killed himself if hr and kill himself e ever decided to leave him. if she wanted to go to the gun range and she wanted to purchase a gun so that she to protect herself. >> the suspect is still below spirit investigators said that he may be attempting to flee to mexico. >> he is possibly driving a dark green, a 1996 toyota t-100 pickup truck. this is similar to the one that you see on your screen. >> police are asking for the public's help in finding two suspects involved in a san jose robbery earlier this month. if this is surveillance video just released of the two men at the santa teresa light rail station. police said that the two suspects follow the victims off the light r
above average in livermore, 76. 74 in santa rosa. 69 degrees in san francisco. and 73 in san jose. if you can believe that, even warmer tomorrow, elizabeth. >> we love it. i know. so excited. gorgeous weather out there. not so gorgeous on the roads. there are actually two accidents out there now that could slow you down. southbound 680 approaching andrade road a half mile backup in the area. a new accident first reports at the guadalupe parkway northbound 87 approaching julian. that accident may be blocking a lane. it is a motorcycle crash possible injuries involved, as well. the fog is thick this morning. you can see it across the golden gate bridge, highway one it was reported heavy in pacifica. you can see cars right now making their way into san francisco so so far things moving at the limit. and outside towards 880 in oakland, this is near the oakland coliseum. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >>> police in pleasanton are investigating claims that a teacher at a preschool tied up a 2-year-old. kpix 5 reporter elissa
.m.. with no issues towards san jose airport. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward police are offering a 25- thousand - dollar reward. in hopes it will lead them to the gunman responsible for shooting a baby in richmond. this is video you will only see on kron 4. it was taken by a witness, as paramedics worked to save the baby boy, moments after the shooting. we are told the baby is recovering this morning. the baby's grandfather, who did not want to go on camera, says the bullet came through their living room window and hit the child. but with the bullet hit him and i don't know exactly how this happened. >> the shooting happened around 1-15 yesterday afternoon, near the intersection of first street and macdonald avenue in richmond. police say, the gunman was on foot. and also wounded another person on a bike. that person is believed to have been the intended target. >> the family of a san jose woman, who police believe was murdered by her former boyfriend. is speaking out. 29- year-old sandra cruzes was allegedly stabbed to death by juan ramirez. now the family says, ramirez had been stal
will be held at noon. that will be at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. a motorcade will take the caskets from santa cruz to san jose and you can watch live coverage of tomorrow's service right here on kpix 5. >>> the other big story today is the weather. it's been wet and windy all night. and there's more rain to come. kpix 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the system. hi-def doppler and foul weather turtleneck is on. >> that's right. and i'm loving it! just nice to see the rain again. it's been so darn dry the first part of the year but looks like we are back in the rainy weather pattern now. the gusty winds out there, the main cold front has swept on through but it looks like more showers are on the way on and off today. we'll get some sunny breaks in between but still you will see some brief downpours. the heaviest rainfall right now toward the gilroy, morgan hill area, toward the 101 in hollister, traveling in that location be very careful. you will see puddles on the roads. and some very slick conditions. still, as we head throughout t
at the transcribe bound -- tribune tower. >> san jose police are still looking for one suspect in a violent purse snatching. police are looking for january 000 rios, his sister was arrested on thursday. police say joseette punched and kicked the victim after she got off the light rail frame. both suspects then ripped the purse from the victim and ran away. >> new concerns about contaminated soil at moffet field. >> celebrating the irish around the bay. the big parade and the parties coming up. >>> and a change in the weather ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with your accuweather forecast. >> mike: the world baseball classic down to the final four. and college football, winding down spring practice around the nation, including >> carolyn: new concerns tonight about cyber hackers. california utility officials are warning that hackers are targeting utilities and that could cause major outages. the california public utilities commission warns that smart meter and other computerized gear can be easily hacked. the agency is now considering new rules to bolster protections. >>> the epa has o
at julian stret in san jose. julian street to autumn street.which leads the procession to hp pavilion. it's a 33 mile trip.and speeds will only be about 30 - 4o miles per hour. drivers will not be allowed to pass vehicles in the motorcade - more than 200 law enforcement vehicles are expected to take part. >> pam: again -- you can watch the service for the murdered santa cruz officers live on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. it will also be streaming live on our website >> right now - richmond police are on the hunt for a criminal who burglarized an officers home -- killed his puppy -- and poisoned a department k-9. kron 4's justine waldmdan has new details on the disturbing crime. >> reporter: this k-9 is a beloved member of the richmond police department. this is a video showing his recovery after the attack, that almost killed him. >> it seems it was intentional cruelty to the animals bc not necessary to posion the dogs to break in to the house >> reporter: lt. bisa french tells me the officer's 2 year old black lab, named trax did not survive the posioning
on march fifth. >>> now to the south bay where the san jose police has new officers. john sasaki tells us when the new officers will be on the street and what challenges they face. >> reporter: those present cheered on their loved ones. >> we need your commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. >> reporter: two women and 41 men had their family and friends pin on their new badges then they were all sworn in. >> it's just an honor to be an officer now with the san jose police department. >> reporter: 31-year-old julian taylor worked previously for a phone and cable company. >> san jose police department gave me a great opportunity and they're filled with opportunities. it's a great city and wonderful people from the training officers and everybody i've met here. so just really excited. >> reporter: his parents were by his side all through this process. >> i'm worried but i am so proud of my son. and he's with a fine department. >> reporter: chuck reed is thrilled to have a new class but acknowledges there's a tough task ahead. >> we have crime going up, of course property crimes are going up a
the san jose police has new officers. john sasaki tells us when the new officers will be on the street and what challenges they face. >> reporter: those present cheered on their loved ones. >> we need your commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. >> reporter: two women and 41 men had their family and friends pin on their new badges then they were all sworn in. >> it's just an honor to be an officer now with the san jose police department. >> reporter: 31-year-old julian taylor worked previously for a phone and cable company. >> san jose police department gave me a great opportunity and they're filled with opportunities. it's a great city and wonderful people from the training officers and everybody i've met here. so just really excited. >> reporter: his parents were by his side all through this process. >> i'm worried but i am so proud of my son. and he's with a fine department. >> reporter: chuck reed is thrilled to have a new class but acknowledges there's a tough task ahead. >> we have crime going up, of course property crimes are going up all over the state and we need to respond to
, and an officer is on leave after he opened fire. into the night san jose police gathered evidence. the street was shut down for more than five hours after an officer shot a woman driving this red car at about 4:30 this afternoon. tim's 10-year-old son was out on his scooter just before the shooting. >> as we came out of the house, we heard the gunshots. like five, six, right in a row. so we walked overk and we saw the cops, they had their gun drawn on the little red car. >> i saw a lady, she was hurt inside the car. i saw the guy with handcuffs. >> reporter: investigators say the woman was driving a stolen car. the officer evened fire after she drove the car towards him and struck him. >> the officer felt in danger. he did what he had to do, and discharge his firearm. >> reporter: the woman was struck at least once. it's unclear how the man inside was injured. both are expected to be okay. eddie, a father of three rushed to the scene. >> she was out of it. she was just moving her head, and they pulled her out and put her in a gurney and took her away. >> reporter: this is the third officer in
by lunchtime. by noon we could be in the low '70's toward lemon or, of fairfield and possibly san jose. the yellow is not nearly as widespread as what we had yesterday. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures will drop back down into the 50s. after an highs, a 73 lot, 73 santa clara, mid-70s fairfield and concord, up 68 richmond. downtown san francisco 68, 76 and napa up. satellite and radar shows that we have some locally dense fog. high pressure moving too our east but it is not as and controlled. temperatures will be gradually cooler headed into the weekend. still above the seasonal average. changes to talk about, what weather back in the forecast tuesday and wednesday. >> 8:18 a.m. at a newly unsealed documents reveal that the man charged with threatening to kill state senator leeland yee allegedly sent an e-mail calling himself a trained marine sniper with 39 confirmed kills in afghanistan. the e-mail also says a don't make me get to 40 kills. this is average bissaeverett tobasham from an earlier court appearance. the mail came from senator is the word on gun-control legislation. bash
su renuncia en lugar de una corte marcial. blanca ---en san jose, la policia informo que tomar varias semanas... take vo ....para revisar todo el material pornografico infantil que le fue decomisado al maestro de primaria "nathan forsteel" que fue detenido el miercoles. ---segun las autoridades, forsteel... tenia miles de fotos de niÑos, algunos de hasta 4 aÑos de edad. ---el sospechoso tambien fue puesto bajo observacion psicologica porque aparentement e intent suicidarse ayer jueves con una sobredosis de medicamentos. take vo cesar ---el pre escolar en pleasanton que esta siendo investigado por un caso de abuso fisico contra un menor por parte de un ex profesor del lugar ha sido suspendido por cinco dias... ---los administrador es tomaron la decision de suspender a la escuela luego de conocer que un maestro admitir haber atado de manos y pies a un infante... ---tambien se dijo que el lunes el fiscal de distrito conocera si interpone acusaciones criminales contra el ex maestro. stop open roll open blanca ---una propuesta republicana podra cambiar drsticamente la dinmica de la inmig
. 55 in san francisco. 66 degrees in san jose. from lake tahoe you're looking at a view of heavenly this, is 8300 foot elevations and they have received at the resorts a couple inches of snow. some were pointing up to 10-14 inches. napa now, 57 degrees. livermore, 60 degrees, clouds, fog, drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning you'll see fog. here is a cold front. so we're seeing the moisture still in the atmosphere. the cold front is coming through but falling apart. spotty drizzle and then, as you noticed here on our animation, we'll continue to see spotty drizzle. throughout 11:00 after that, we'll seeing a clearing trend and fog around for the start of the commute. temperatures first thing in the morning running cooler than this morning so that is sleeping weather. upper 30s into coldest valleys. other areas into whos and then, a sunny afternoon. check out highs for thursday. 64 degrees in san jose. breezy. 64 cupertino. 65 santa cruz. that is where you'll feel the wind. 55 in daily city. north bay, 67 in napa. east bay, 64 oakland windy at times, sunny skies, 67 in concord, tempe
in the coming days. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> catherine: developing tongiht out of san jose. police are on the hunt for the person who stabbed a woman to death. this happened just before three on north first, at west hedding streets. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news.e times. the victim was stabbed multiple times. now here is a map of the area. the stabbing took place in a parking lot outside of an apartment complex. police shut down nearby streets and were looking for him in the area. no word on a motive yet. >> a rockslide on highway 101 in sausalito left a man hurt, and severely damaged his s-u-v. it happened just before 5- am. one of the biggest boulders was three feet by three feet. a kron4 morning crew was there live on the scene just minutes the hillside was still settling. and >> reporter: we hear some of these rocks coming down right now. they are coming down as we speak. >> catherine: we will hear from the man that was involved with that crash. the weather is getting nine stores this weekend. a beautiful shot of downtown san francis
for redwood city and palo alto. about 70 degrees for san jose and we are looking at low to mid- 70s for the delta. 73 degrees for antioch and upper 60s for castro valley and hayward. downtown san francisco will become an end as 68 degrees. 72 degrees for santa rosa and about 70 degrees for novato and san rafael. >> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it will be partly cloudy and to is that we are expecting showers to pushing in the morning. it should taper off on wednesday. the temperatures will warm-up again as we head into the next weekend. >> no police are searching for an attempted inole police are searching for an end to end the kidnapper. it 12 year old girl was walking home friday on appian way when she says that she was approached by the suspect. he wanted the girto give a great ride and when she refused he grabbed her wrist. the girl immediately pulled away and ran home. >> police in the is there searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a richmond bart station thursday night. shots were fired as passengers were leaving the station. one person was killed a
will come down. still going to be a nice day with san jose 68 degrees. at the coast, half moon bay 58, pacifica 58. san francisco, hazy sunshine. downtown 62 degrees there. in the north bay, not as many 70s tomorrow. the temperatures will drop and santa rosa 68, and 69 cal law calistoga. oakland tomorrow, increasing high clouds throughout the day. 67 degrees there. union city 65. and interior east bay, you will look for a mixture of sun and clouds and 70 for brentwood and 69 con card and -- concord. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry day on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. showers developing on tuesday afternoon. it looks wet on tuesday and wednesday. cooler on wednesday, the first day of spring. and then we will warm things up on friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures inland in the 70s to near 80 degrees. abc7 news has a great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd for the latest conditions. plus get video forecasts and the power outages and information and weather tweets from your famous weather team. 4:30 to 7:00 mike will be here with updates. >> tra
of the restaurant inside. >> homeless people camped on public land in san jose. expected to be evicted this morning. the city warned dozens of homeless several days ago of the impending sweep. they have to get out today. >>> police are serving warrants in oakland. the sweep began this morning. police are not saying what it's all about. but they plan to give more details when the operation is complete. >> got your traffic and weather forecast, coming up. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> good morning. well, if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, there's going to be some delay ge
in petaluma to 52 in richmond, very mild this morning. san jose, can you see it is 87. most of us are pretty close if not above average with temperatures hanging out from the low 60's to the ♪ >>> oh, yeah, super bowl champ jacoby jones of the ravens, the last dance of the night, definitely one of the most promising. >> oh, yeah. >> bruno really liked it. len thought he was -- should have been -- he only had one week coming off a knee injury. >> it's the first dance, too, yeah. >> the nerves are all gone now. who's going to win it all? kelly monaco will be along later to tell us all about the premiere night. good morning, america on this tuesday morning, george is off. great to have josh here, paula faris with us, as well. >> we have a lot to get to in this half hour. including another bizarre twist in the so-called breakup murder trial. a psychologist is revealing in court why jodi arias may have no memory of her ex-boyfriend's murder. >>> and the new fist couple of sports. tiger woods and gold medalist lindsey vonn announced they're dating. and they do it in a very happy and public way.
. a 2-inch gas main this afternoon collapsed because of construction work. it happened at san jose avenue and duncan street near st. luke's hospital. now we just spoke to a pg & e official who says the pipe broke after a construction crew dug a deep trench without shoring up the wall. the pipe twisted and broke. this all happened around 3:15 and pg & e crews stopped the flow of gas in about an hour. the evacuations and shelter in place order were lifted in the last hour. streets in the area have also been reopened but four apartment buildings are without gas but repairs should be finished by 7:00 tonight. >>> now back to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he's been sick for some time and he was only 58 years old. robert handa is live with the reaction of the venezuelan community here. >> reporter: well today that atmosphere shifted a bit as news came that the venezuelan leader had died. today venezuela's vice president lashed out at the country's enemy. chavez's declining health loomed over the country. >> there was this feeling that he really was already dead. but the
are recovering, and an officer is on leave after he opened fire. into the night san jose police gathered evidence. the street was shut down for more than five hours after an officer shot a woman driving this red car at about 4:30 this afternoon. tim's 10-year-old son was out on his scooter just before the shooting. >> as we came out of the house, we heard the gunshots. like five, six, right in a row. so we walked overk and we saw the cops, they had their gun drawn on the little red car. >> i saw a lady, she was hurt inside the car. i saw the guy with handcuffs. >> reporter: investigators say the woman was driving a stolen car. the officer evened fire after she drove the car towards him and struck him. >> the officer felt in danger. he did what he had to do, and discharge his firearm. >> reporter: the woman was struck at least once. it's unclear how the man inside was injured. both are expected to be okay. eddie, a father of three rushed to the scene. >> she was out of it. she was just moving her head, and they pulled her out and put her in a gurney and took her away. >> reporter: this is the thir
the owner yet. >> very good jackie. as got to learn as the story develops. >> getting word from the san jose police department about a registered sex offender arrested this morning after a home burglary in san jose. it woman woke up to find this man standing over her bed in her home near south brook drive just to the west of 101. >> the woman screamed, the man ran out of the back door. the woman get a good description to police. they found this 21 year-old man near the victims' home and arrested him. his car was outside of the woman's home. he is a registered sex offender he was wearing a monitoring bracelet on his ankle at the time of his arrest. >> and other big story is wall street. the dow jones industrial average we have never seen in this tide. breaking the record. we will see if it closes above the record of 14,164. the dow sitting at 14,236. we hit the old record high before the financial collapse in october of 2007. in march of 2009 the dow down to 6547. then we have been storming back during the financial recovery flirting with the record high for the last three weeks. now the dow
above the average at the bay. 74 in san jose. 71 in fremont. and 64 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers up well into the 70s into the afternoon. 73 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days clouds on the way. temperatures cool off slight chance of showers overnight saturday night into sunday. that doesn't look like a big deal. more impressive system moves in late on tuesday more like tuesday evening tuesday night into wednesday. today what a day it's going to be. >> we'll just relish today and enjoy it. soak it up. enjoy it. >> zen moment there. >> all right. >>> gay marriage advocates they are getting a big boost from the objects objects. the white house filed a brief urging the supreme court to strike down prop 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. the administration would like similar laws in at least seven states repealed. gay marriage supporters in san francisco praised the president's actions. >> i think it's actually a good thing and, uhm, i think that people should not be restricted from whom they want to marry and i also admi
this message. >>> friday morning. what a beautiful way to start the day in san jose. getting all the oranges and yellows. sunrise with all the haze in the atmosphere. definitely more haze this morning than yesterday. that's because the rain cleared out our air quality. unfortunately, today, the haze will be back and the pollen levels as well as we head to the weekend. 71 in livermore, get together weekend. looking good. up to some shocking news this morning. 54 of the city's schools will soon be shut down. it could be the most at one time in one city ever. nbc's kevin tibbles has details. >> chicago public official schools plan to close the 54 schools in an effort to make a dent in a $1 billion budget deficit, make better use of resources and improve overall education here in the nation's third largest school district. >> i don't think it's going to be good for my kids. >> reporter: the news of the school closings continues to ripple across chicago this morning. >> i'm, just don't know where they're going to go. >> reporter: mayor rahm emmanuel says the closures are necessary after too much
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